Angelic Upstarts on Captain Oi

Probably the most influential Punk band to emerge from the North East of England, from the moment the Angelic Upstarts first issued the (self financed) "Murder Of Liddle Towers” 45 in late 1978 the band have always courted controversy – as vocalist Mensi once said, "You might not like me or all the things I say, but you won’t fuckin’ ignore me”! Seven National Chart hit singles and four Top 50 albums would indicate that more people chose to like Mensi and his merry men then chose to dismiss them.

Unlike a lot of bands it must be an absolute nightmare trying to narrow down what songs to include in a one hour live set – "Liddle”, "I’m A Upstart”, "Teenage Warning”, "Never Ad Nuthin’”, "Out Of Control” "Last Night  Another Soldier”, "Kids On The Street”, "England”, ”Never Say Die”  "Woman In Disguise”, "Solidarity”, "Not Just A Name”, "Machine Gun Kelly”, "Brighton Bomb”…. and that’s only the singles! Can’t leave out "Police Oppression”, "Two Million Voices”, "Leave Me Alone”, "Shotgun Solution”, "Guns For The Afghan Rebels”, "Soldier”….. I’m worn out just typing the titles and playing an imaginary gig in my head! One of the all time great bands of the entire Punk Rock movement.

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